About Neil

Capturing the right image is the greatest thrill I know!

I was about 12 years old when I first discovered the magic of photography. It was amazing to me how in a fraction of a second I could capture so much on a print...there were images of friends and family that I could keep forever. And yes, I still have many of them.

That magic of photography is still with me. Every day is a new adventure and experience; every assignment is a new challenge; every image something to be proud of.

As a graphic designer as well, I bring to my photography a comprehension as to what the purpose of a particular image is really for--how best to communicate that idea. This gives me the ability to know just how an image is to fit into the overall communication.

Over the years I have worked internationally for agencies, publications, organizations, associations, direct clients and many kinds of industry, capturing images as far south as the oil fields of Texas and Louisiana, scenics in the Caribbean and U.K., and native settlements north to Alaska. In the past few years I have taken part in over 100 photographic exhibitions around the world, and have been awarded gold, silver and bronze medals nationally and internationally.
I am indeed fortunate to have a vocation that I can feel so passionate about.
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